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Do It For The Vine! How Big Brands Use the Platform

do it for the vine

Do It For The Vine! How Big Brands Use the Platform

by admin

Posted on September 10, 2014 at 15:48 PM

Many marketers see the Vine social media platform as a double-edged sword. These six second videos can be wildly entertaining and are highly shared on other platforms, but it’s incredibly challenging for some businesses to find meaningful ways to use them in their branding without looking like they’re trying too hard to be trendy. However, some brands have gotten it right, so let’s highlight a few that we think nailed it:

This DIY store uses Vines to show quick tips and tricks for all you fixer-uppers. These are super useful and very helpful, and because the videos are so short, they don’t waste time with useless banter. Just show me how to fix it. Done.
Bacardi UK
If you like to entertain, or if you just really love slingin’ drinks and impressing your friends, the UK branch of liquor company, Bacardi, shows in 6 seconds how to make delicious mixed cocktails using their beverage. It’s a genius way to include their product in the video without being pushy.
Target, despite their smeared PR for security breaches, gets an A for creativity. One of their Vines is a rapid succession of summer activities. Just hit the pause button and the video freezes on a suggestion of how you should spend your lazy summer afternoon.

Oreo Cookie
There’s so much you can do with an Oreo cookie. Surprising, I know. That’s why Oreo uses Vines to show how you can add Oreos to all kinds of yummy stuff. They even use an easy to find hashtag, #Oreosnackhacks

General Electric

General Electric has some truly unique ways of promoting their product as well as the science they invest in. One of their hashtags, #sixsecondscience, is a super cool way to learn about science in a non-intimidating and fun way.

These companies use a recurring theme in their best practices:
1. Use hashtags. Make them memorable because #godforbidyouuseahashtagsolongitisimpossibletoremember.
2. Humans work there? If so, be sure to show your human side. Vine is the place for a brand to cut up and have fun…just know when too much is too much.
3. Use Vine to enhance your existing strategy. Vine is just an advertising touch point, and it serves as a very informal one. This means if you’re running a special on paint and you’ve run ads in print and on television, follow up with a fun Vine to drive the point home and share it all over social media.
4. Stop motion, aka time lapse video. This is the holy grail of Vine videos. It can be a little tedious and you may pull out some hair, but it’ll be well worth it in the end to make Vines that people share.
5. FUN. This one’s pretty easy. Have some.

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