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Search Engine Optimization

SEO - search engine optimization

What it is: Search engine optimization using keyword research, tagging and category assignment on websites.


What’s the point: Your company can offer the coolest product or service on the market, and you could have the best website in the world, but if your site isn’t optimized on a regular and consistent basis, the world won’t know it’s there. That’s where SEO comes in. You must work tirelessly to ensure that your SEO is top notch, so that when Google and other search engines index your website, it is compliant and relevant for the audience you are trying to reach. Using complex algorithms, SEO specialists research and implement strategies that make your website more visible over time. Fresh content and semantic language are the newest in search engine indexing. Google’s newest update, called Hummingbird, has created indexing that focuses on custom content, so optimizing your site is now more important than ever!