Gefen Marketing
Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC -  Golden Key.

What it is: Pay-per-click advertising on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing and Twitter.


What’s the point: Years ago, the Yellow Pages were the go-to place for finding local products or service providers. Today, advertisers can display their information, including phone numbers and website URLs, in advertisements at the top of search results or on the side of news feeds. The best part? These ads display for FREE to your target audience, and you’re only charged if a user clicks on the ad to learn more about your offerings. Essentially, you’re paying ONLY for highly qualified leads. Refinement tools allow you to monitor and ‘tweak’ your current ads so that only the most successful ads are displayed on your selected networks, and you manage cost by optimizing bids for as little as possible. In other words, you can be found for as little cost as possible every day. The key to PPC? Great ads.